Monday, April 2, 2012

Making the Mark

I did get a comment on my blog and I thank you. More pictures of my art , I was requested and so I am responding. This is the latest" hot off the press" piece. And that leads to my title, " making the mark". Really it is about leaving your imprint on whatever you are doing. In this particular large platter, I am dealing with the element of surprise, since the mark I make with the horsehair has a certain random quality to it.
Isn't that the way life is? Do we know what a chance act will lead to? Is saying hello to a stranger going to open up a whole new friendship? In art, when the "plan" goes by the wayside , then the forces of the medium can seem to take take on a life of their own and it can turn out brilliant, even better than we planned. That can be a real asset, or maybe something we need to change asap. That first step we take, that first stroke of the pen, the black ink on that stark white paper, well that is surely our mark. Just as each one of us makes a mark everyday in the way we choose to venture forth, in the studio called life.

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