Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Art of Musical Instruments.

 Standing in front of a delectable selection of instruments from some far away country, here I am visiting the Musical Instrument Museum,  located  in our  own  city of Phoenix, Arizona. I  haven't been writing much lately. It was the holiday season, with Christmas, New Years, and then my very own birthday month of January.                Being a maker of ceramic drums, and  a dancer, music has always been a love  of mine. This seemed a fitting way to spend my birthday. My sister flew in to celebrate with me , so I figured this would also enchant her. We spent the day there and even had a  delish lunch  in their dining room.  Be sure to give yourself  plenty of time.  We got there early and stayed all day  There are 2 floors packed with every style of instrument,  from antique to present.                                              Opened in 2010, it was the private collection of a  wealthy man who decided to share with the world  his special love. There are over 15,000 examples of different items that have sounds that are unique in their own way. They give you a headset so as you stand in front of a display, the sounds come on.  What is so touching to me is how universal  the art of music is, and  will continue to be interpreted by those who follow us, in their own creative style. Comments?