Friday, March 30, 2012

It's your Life

I found this photo from my trip to California last summer. The mural was painted on a wall outside the restaurant in Sacramento and really caught my attention.
There it was, all the possibilities before you in living color. To share, with yourself and others, that is what you do with each creation that goes out into the world, whatever your art form. To laugh, can we ever do enough of that? I like to be with people who make me smile. I find I enjoy putting whimsy in my art, whether it's whiskers on the cat , or a mane on my " Horse Tail".
To nurture, whether it is with nature, or your friends or yourself. Isn't that the hardest for all, to be good to ourselves? When we go into the studio it is a gift to ourselves to open up that unlimited possibility of creation.
And of course , to dance. Can't not smile when you are dancing. And finally, to adapt, now there is a real challenge, thinking you have it all planned out, then wham, life gives you that shape shift that you least expected. Art is nothing if not a teacher of how to adapt. When you are at the end of your page and the ink smears, how can you change it so it looks like you Meant to do that? I think some of the most creative work we do it fixing the mistake. And no one ever can know, that's the real fun. Well, I'm off to adapt to life today. Any thoughts to share on this blog I'd love to hear them!

1 comment:

  1. mistake ? are there any ?
    does something "that is" need 2 b fixed ?
    is there control ?
    without control, there is no mistake, for it's all ok 'as it is'.