Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's about the feeling of space out there. Often it is inspired by  a location. This calligraphy piece is entitled "My Alaska Vision", after spending a summer in that great country. Quite vast; lots of sky; green; endless open canvas. Somehow I wanted to leave the viewer with that sense of majesty. Black creates a deep background that I feel draws you in. I wanted that  stark contrast, just like in the land and those who dwell there, both two and four legged. White jumps out at you saying " look here". Black and white. Yin and yang."Look closer", it seems to invite you the frame. 
. And always proportion. More empty than filled up, more quiet than busy,   just like the land that inspired it. 
 So how much to include in your artwork, how much room  to leave open? Space has power. It can have a stillness, or it can add to the drama of what you are creating, in the studio, or in your life.  Space, the last frontier.

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