Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Look Back, and then Forward....

Here it is the last day of 2017  here in Sedona, Arizona. Like many, I get kind of nostalgic about how fast this last year " slipped by". This is a poem I wrote and penned in calligraphy  that seems to sum it up, especially these last  verses:    "Who could have imagined?   There was always more space                                          Out there in the future, No, it's gone with no trace."
           "Where did it go, that ten years ago? "
"Amazement at life's passage, No regrets, well maybe some
But that ultimate question, How much yet to come?...

So many pieces to create, and who ever knows our time frame? I have been very active in my head these last two months. Ideas are taking shape and yet I have not gotten into actually going through the final task of Doing them. Sound familiar?
My friend calls this " Artistic tension" , when your stomach churns and you don't know how you will possibly follow through and create the reality of what is in your head. 
But it will happen, next year, I'm thinking.
Not only a resolution, but I say this With resolution.
And you: what dreams do you plan to carry out as a whole new year commences?