Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Art of Film

Here I am at the Sedona Film Festival, 2020. I must confess I am a total movie  fan and always have been. My Mom would drop me off at the Saturday matinee. (probably respite for her, also) 
I often wonder if it was the movies that subliminally  influenced  my decision to move here after just one week?
Once again, back when I was a young girl, I would stay up for the  " late show". I think I saw every movie ever made here. Jeff Chandler as the noble Indian; Debra Paget as the lovely captive. All very politically incorrect , but boy did that influence my desire to ride horses, and go out to the wild west. 
I did have a long  stop over in Los Angeles to go to university and live at the beach and start to be a working artist, both in Clay and Calligraphy. Once again, a movie town.We were too " cool" in Venice beach to pay attention to the movie people, which is why they liked it there, I think.That and the movie called Life that seemed run every day there with all the unusual "assortment" of humanity. 
So here I am some 35 years later , going into the wonderful world of of every film festival; Learning new things and being transformed into new dimensions. The art of film.