Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Art of Playing

Here is one of my latest creations I call  "Words on Clay". A ceramic plaque, using porcelain clay as my canvas, with words  in a somewhat calligraphic  script. I use a small brush and cobalt blue oxide to create this image on the clay. It is   then covered with a clear glaze, and fired to a high temperature. It could last longer than I do, as it hangs on a wall.
These are not my words, but those of the noted Irish play write and author, George Bernard Shaw. He live to almost 100, so he had many pithy writings. Since we are in a new year, this quote seemed to be a fitting message to myself, and others. 
It is a brand new time, 2019; another step in this progress we call life. With all the challenges in today's world, maybe it is good to remember to take the time to play  more. 
For me, this can happen when I am in the studio, writing out my words on clay, or when I am travelling and play is the destination. Now, if I can just remember to live each day as if I am on that vacation...And you ?