Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Art of Hand Made Dishes

The art of hand made dishes has been coming up in my creative life recently. I like making them. I always tell people the food tastes better on my handmade dinnerware. The coffee or tea is spicier, and the food is more appealing on a pretty plate.Very important is that  you Know the ingredients in my glazes are totally safe.Since it is all high fire, these dishes can go in the oven , even the microwave, and the dishwasher. Convenience matters in our every day life.
This is a set I had done a while ago, and recently sold .Not even sure this is a glaze batch I can reproduce, but I have other colors I use now. I always tell people when you order a set from me, rest assured, each piece will be unique. The colors will match, but the size and glazing style will be slightly different on each piece.You know you are getting handmade dishes. People seem to like this one of a kind styling they get from me. The dish as an art form.