Monday, November 29, 2021

Our Gifts from land and Sea

  Here is my latest creation a coral, turquoise and crystal necklace. I like to work with organic pieces because they are individual in size, shape and color. The turquoise and crystal are stones that can be found in Arizona.I have seen bits of crystal embedded in the red rocks of Sedona while out hiking.
  But coral, that is a different story. Coral  started out as a live animal, not a plant as it would appear. They are marine invertebrates, like the sea anemone and jellyfish.  Often they are form reef barriers made up of individual polyps  that wave in the water. They can be  found in tropical waters with the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae that absorb sunlight and provide food. They also extend their tentacles to catch plankton and other edibles. Why the color? These pieces are somewhat an orangy red. I have seen darker reds and pinker. Corals adapt to the light and water temperature and  also come from colored proteins made by the coral animals.                                                                            Native Americans  use this material to make their jewelry  As I read my words,  I realize what a gift from nature is this set. I think the day of unlimited coral may be changing.  Hopefully these natural products are harvested responsibly. The supplier said they would carry it no more. I will enjoy what I create. This creation is a precious jewel from the sea and the earth