Monday, June 10, 2019

the Little Goddess

Here is my little Goddess necklace. She is the smallest version of the much larger clay sculptures I have created.I thought this might be a more affordable and playful version for collectors.
  This lady is about four inches tall,including her hair. She is made of smooth, burnished porcelain and then pit fired for that magic color.
 I even created all the beads that are   beside her. Two are the same burnished low fire style, but the tiny beads are high fired porcelain and stained with iron oxide. She is a real Sedona lady!  
Hanging on a cotton cord gives her the flexibility to be a choker or flow into a longer version. I wanted to keep the whole organic feel to this jewelry creation.
I have always liked to sculpt the female form. Often I prefer to create in a  more free form, even a bit abstract, so you, the viewer, can interpret her through your own eyes.