Saturday, May 23, 2015

Calligraphy with a Connection

This print,  entitled " Apache Wedding Blessing", is currently displayed in my  Jerome show, "Reflections", which I wrote about in my last blog. Also , I show this at the Sedona Arts Center.
I choose to write out poetry or sayings that mean something to me. Having a connection with what I  write encourages my creativity. It's not that I can't be creative when I get a commission with which I  am not familiar.That happens often. It just seems to  flow easier when I like the words that flow from my calligraphy pen. 
This saying was brought to me by a client. It expresses the connection when a couple are joined together.Is it still used in native ceremonies? I do not know. Do people love it? Yes. It speaks to something inside of them. It states the coming together of a couple in poetic flow of words, that reach out to the reader on many levels.
That's a real joy for me, when people love what they see. It is a connection of the eyes,the mind, and really, the heart. Calligraphy with a connection.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Exposition

Here I am at the opening of my show," Reflections", by V. Norton . I am wearing my porcelain bead jewelry, and standing in front of a wall showing my ceramic artwork.
This is a solo show of my ceramics; calligraphy, and book arts. Currently displayed at the Jerome Artists Cooperative in Jerome AZ., it runs  until July 1st, 2015. I will once again be at the gallery  from 5 until 8 pm, on First Saturday, June 6th,  to meet with people.
Mounting an exhibit, or as the French say, une exposition, is a large undertaking.(I am working on my French again, and I like the way this word this rolls off my tongue.) Primarily, there is creating the work.With a theme in mind, that helps with a direction. "Reflections" is really about my past, present, and perhaps future work, if I can get back into my studio soon! 
There are many logistics to a show. How much to make? One can't underestimate the publicity factor. If people don't know it is happening, they can't come. There are photos to be taken. Then comes creating invitations on my computer, a challenge to one who has no fear of a fourth century calligraphic alphabet, but gets stage fright with electronics. 
Never forget the importance of hanging the show. That includes painting walls, more than once; hanging shelves; artwork; creating cards and prints; displaying the handmade books. Deciding what to include and  arranging items is significant. Many thanks to those who did help me, but the word solo does make the point.
The next time you go to some one's art show, applaud the artist for their work, both in front of you, and all that went on behind it. 
I invite you to visit my "exposition" when in Jerome.