Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Art of Gems

Here I am at the Tucson Gem Show, a far way from Sedona. Here is a world of temptation, with people from all over the world selling beads, gems, and all manner of jewels. 
I have always made jewelry, primarily using the handmade porcelain beads I make and fire in my kiln. 
My horizons are expanding.
I am also now creating my "Jewels" using glass beads, like this gold set to the left. I like the idea that with  an earring and necklace set, you can feel " put together" as you walk out the door. 
It is really not as simple as putting some beads on a wire. There is the color scheme to choose. The choice of spacing  beads can also make an impact. What is the desired end result, simple or dramatic?
It has been an interesting path for me. I think part of the appeal  is that it doesn't take  months from start to finish.  Often that is the time frame with my ceramics. I can actually see end results sooner than later. That is very fulfilling to me to get some gratification before the sun sets.
As I continue to sort and choose my beads , like all art, the medium tells me which direction to go. It is a fun learning process, the art of the gems,