Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Color Blue

Isn't blue a lovely color? it reminds us of sky, water, Paul Newman's eyes, our best denim jeans. It is considered a good counterpart to its' hot cousins, yellow and red. It is called a cool color. It is recessive on your canvas, and has restful energy that translates well
either in a bedroom or in a painting.It is kind of a safe color, you can't go wrong wearing a blue shirt, gentlemen.
And yet when we are not feeling happy, we feel " blue' . And many a Mississippi Delta singer can tell us the sad story of " when my baby done left me , an' I got nothing but the blues".
I have a blue glaze I admire, softer than pure cobalt.I like the way it seems to shimmer in the light, like facets on a chandelier. . Does it sell? Not very often.Go figure. Now my blue jewelry, which I call Denim blue, that people seem to like . Probably goes back to those favorite denim jeans you own.

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