Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Color Turquoise

Well , here I am again on my colors. This particular color has been an important part of my life for years. When I first moved to Sedona, over 25 years ago from southern California , I thought this hue was the meaning of the southwest. The beautiful jewelry that the native tribes created. The first Navajo rug in my collection that came from the shop in uptown had the most lovely colors of turquoise and dark red . I chose to build my home decorating theme around this shade.
So how does this relate to the art world? If you want to make it in that venue, it helps to to create a signature style, so your gallery and your patrons recognize who you are without having to read the little name and price tag next to your creation. Your collectors will want to add more to their collection of your works. For me, I found that in my ceramics, my particular color and texture of this color glaze, with my unique and individual handmade style, could sell. And we want to sell so we can keep creating, make our living and contribute to the gallery's fiscal joy also.Then everybody's happy, and we all like to be happy.
So , turquoise and I are dear friends and I still have the rug and I still create my handmade pieces. This creation is a large platter that hangs on the wall and is , decorated with , what else, turquoise stones.
Is this a color you relate to? Comments?

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