Friday, April 6, 2012

The Art of the Story

I was talking with a wise woman yesterday, and the topic of " the story" came up. No, Not the one you read to your children, rather, the ones you tell yourself. In the world of the artist it might sound something like this. " I will never succeed at an artist ; my sculpture is a total failure; that gallery owner doesn't like me and that's why I didn't get accepted ".
Are we feeling discouraged and that is projected out into the land of " forever ?" Could it be a fabrication, the little ego playing with our head and offering up a hook on which to park our uncertainty about ourselves today?
Here's the sad thing about the story. It means we are out there in the future and therefore not present. It blocks our heart to the joy of the moment. Trust me, I am not on a soapbox to preach to you, I am on the journey to stay connected to myself and live more in the moment. Really, isn't that all we have? I am not going to post a picture. Everybody has their own story up there in their head.When we can get out of our head , then chances are we can get into our inner selves more. Care to share your feelings about this?

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