Friday, August 6, 2021

Calligraphy in a Card

Here is a summer selection from  my series of calligraphy cards. This is a one of a kind creation, using  freeform watercolors to make the writing pop! I chose this message because it speaks to me . As we all get older, we realize wealth is not just in having "more". Quality is as important as quantity. I love the idea. Am I there yet? Probably not, but its's a nice goal.                                                                                              It measures  four by six inches, a nice little message to send. It is necessary to print the card from an original master because my paint would bleed out if  applying it over the black ink I  use. Here is a  mixture from my palate  applied  in a random manner. Just doing whatever the paint tells me.                                                                  I am writing in the Italic style, one of the most popular alphabets, used since the time of Queen Elizabeth the First ! We don't use the word  font with calligraphy. Leave that to the computer.  I like this alphabet because it gives me a chance to flourish my letters. Not quite as easy as it sounds, but here's my years of practice put to a fun result . I also use other calligraphy styles on the different messages I create in my collection. I  can even do a special request. Summer brings the visitors who want to take home a small momento  of Sedona. How perfect is a card?