Friday, February 13, 2015

Creating for a Long Distance Job

Here was my latest calligraphy job, creating name tags for a family dinner. Of course I had to fly 3,000 mile , carrying supplies, not having seen the tag itself. 
My sister said red, so I packed up minimal supplies, hoping I had chosen correctly. I chose 2 small  tubes of watercolor, hoping one hue would do the trick. The brighter red worked. The calligraphy pen had a 3.5 nib, another word for the point, which is a good size for small writing. I took a small cheap paintbrush to mix it. For a palette, I threw in a plastic  yogurt  top, knowing it would be left behind.
 I  like to write on a slant board. Better perspective on the letters, as well as easier on the neck. A couple of books under a Masonite and I was set.My preference is to write on a  light box, with  lines, to make sure I am accurate. Without those options, I was writing free form. Of course, 4o years of doing this, gives one a bit to fall back on.
The reality is, we can bring our skills to whatever life presents us, whether far or near. 
My sister was happy; I observed some guests taking their name home with them; and I thought they turned out well myself. 
Our creativity is always with us.