Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tango in the Art of Ceramics

Here is another form of Tango.This ceramic box is in my current show entitled " Spirits", at the Jerome Artists' Cooperative,  about forty miles from where I live in Sedona, AZ.
It stands about seven inches tall and four and a half across. Large enough to store a treasure or more.
I've always loved to dance and started studying Argentine Tango some years ago. Tango colors are red and black.Here the couple on the top are very well matched.They dancing in what is called a " close embrace."
Tango is really a very disciplined dance. When you get good enough you can play more with your style. 
I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate my dance for the show. I guess it is part of my " folk art" style , which are often containers.
This container is made of porcelain clay, which is  fired to a  lower temperature in order to use these bright     colors. Afterwards, it goes into a primitive firing to get that nice crackle and patina. One always must hope that the delicate dancers stay standing, which these two did.
The art of ceramics always involves the unknown, just as the tango has that element of surprise.