Saturday, April 14, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Well here it is the 14th of April and it's snowing! The leaves are out; the blossoms on my fruit tree are blooming; the roses are getting their buds. Yet here come the big, cold, wet slashes of white stuff onto my garden. It isn't supposed to snow this late in the year!
The unexpected. How often does that happen in art? I have the layout all organized in just the right proportions, and then a word of calligraphy must go on the next line. There goes the " expected," and I must rally quickly and figure out how to make the unexpected look exactly as if it were planned out precisely that way.Is it a mistake, or a chance to be even more creative? Sometimes it works out even better, and sometimes you just have to make the best of it.
Kind of like life , I am thinking. You've planned out just how you want the day to work out, and then Boom, something happens and everything must change to work around the unexpected.
My lesson for myself is to just get over my expectation that I have control over these events. Why do I get upset over things that are out of my control? Mother Nature certainly has more power than little old me. So that is my mantra " Expect the unexpected";aka... go with the flow; roll with the punches, make chicken soup out of chicken bones. Now comes the hard part, living out these words.
Please share your thoughts on this with me.

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  1. Not a good day to play golf but a good day to clean your clubs.
    Victoria, keep it going your doing fine.