Monday, April 16, 2012

The Color Gray

Here I am continuing with my color series, it seems. The color gray, like the old snow and misty fog in the sky and mountains around Sedona. The color gray is a hard one. Just think about matching that gray wall or trim when you go to the paint store without a specific sample.
As an artist, you have to decide which of your papers you will use before you even start your artwork. Does it have a slight blue gray tone to it? Is it have a warm or soft tone ?
It could be a parchment white, with little swirls of a grayish pattern in it. So many shades of gray. And that of course will influence the color you use to paint with, or in my case, do my calligraphy . Maybe sepia ink will have more harmony in the body of the text than just black ink? Or maybe I should just mix up some Paynes gray and write with that? So many decisions to make before I even commence. So don't ever think that gray is just a muted black, or a mixed up white, it is its own color.
Any favorite thought you care to share about the color gray?

1 comment:

  1. maybe grey is the middle ground.
    being in the middle keeps us from da muddle.

    no wonder buddha flowed into da middle way.

    grey skies & puddles,
    mud & muddles.
    why foray into da grey.