Tuesday, July 7, 2020

White Bowl with Turquoise

"How can I add some pizzazz to my lovely, white porcelain bowls?" I  asked myself while unloading my last kiln load of ceramics, here in my Sedona, AZ.  studio. My solution was to add real turquoise nuggets  in the crevasses that come with my delicately coiled decoration on the edge of this bowl, and others.
 This is a serving size bowl, measuring  nine inches across by @ four and a half inches tall. Perfect for food or decoration, but requiring hand washing.This is a high fired piece of ceramics so it is very strong and long lasting. Heck, they find ceramics that last much longer than do  we mere mortals.You are actually looking at the color of the clay here, with a simple white glaze on top. The outside I leave rough, and stain with iron oxide, which you see when looking at the red rocks of Sedona. The finished and the unfinished. Just like the nature i see when I look outside my studio window. 
Which style of these bowls do you the viewer prefer: the plain white, or with the turquoise?