Sunday, July 22, 2018

Beach Creativity

 Beach Creativity is a good theme for all artists. For me this  is going to the beach for a week in the hot summer days of Sedona, AZ. Here I am in California,   mesmerized by the hypnotic quality of the endless waves. They start way out under the sea, then crash in by the shore, engaging all my senses. 
You see it. You can smell it, and certainly you can watch it endlessly. 
 It is also finding the perfect wave, and riding into shore on my trusty boogie board. Hopefully I don't wipe out too badly, step on a sting ray, or swallow the ocean. Then it is a good run. 
Why do I call it Beach creativity? For one thing, you focus on the "now" right in front of you, as you must when starting into your creative work. Also, I think we all need a break, a vacation  from living  in our minds. These sights and sounds often help forget all the " shoulds " we tell ourselves to be doing. We  are only present in the nature before us.
And finally there seems to be clearing of the mind , a readiness to go on, when this beach is only a memory. Is there inspiration drifting in my mind as I return to my ceramics or calligraphy ? I hope so.