Sunday, August 13, 2017

Le Chat in a Bowl

Here I am again in my white bowl series. Made out of high fired porcelain, this one has a specific name." Le Chat" is French for  the cat. French is a language I like to speak and carry it into my work, when possible.
I started doing my "critter" series a while ago. The cat is the perfect creature to abstract, because they all have a certain silhouette. Now with a dog, you are going to want to see the small breed, or the larger; the long haired or sleeker profile. A cat is a cat. I have recently begun to appreciate this animal as I am getting to know a couple as personal friends here in Sedona, where I live.
 You notice its unusual shape? Who says all bowls must be round? I make this by hand.The design is drawn in cobalt blue oxide, then covered with a clear, transparent, lead free glaze that makes it easy to clean. The color white you see is the actual clay. itself.
People often want to buy it for their pet to eat out of. Perfectly understandable. I also enjoy  that as I get to the bottom of the bowl, my cereal is peeking out between the ears or tail. Art that  makes  you smile. I like that.