Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Speak the Truth"

Lettering on clay, I love it! Here is my latest porcelain plaque entitled "Speak the Truth", spoken by a well known Native American,we know as Chief Joseph. 
I write using a  small, natural bristle brush.That seems to have some flexibility on this surface.The white of the clay shows off the blue of the cobalt oxide.Covered in a clear glaze, fired to a high temperature, it can last forever.I even make the bead that decorates the hanger. This is definitely  an original! 
Chief Joseph was the leader of the  Nez Perce tribe. Despite a treaty with Washington,his tribe was force to leave their beloved lands in northeastern Oregon. I admire his writings. I have used his words in my more traditional calligraphy pieces. 
This quote seems so relevant to me.
How often have you noticed how people go on and on when they are avoiding the truth?  Perhaps they assume  you will forget the question as you drown in verbiage?
Lesson to self. Less is more.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Give Peace a Chance

 Just give peace a chance. That'a a start.We're all in this together.
These feelings inspired my latest creation in ceramics. The title is " Words of Peace". A fourteen inch plate that hangs on the wall like a canvas, or stands on its foot on the table.I made the letters big and bold. I want the phrase to stand out and grab the viewer's eyes and  heart. 
This is an experimental approach to both ceramics and calligraphy for me,as I use  my own interpretation of the Uncial style  alphabet. Who says letters have to be all in a row? I like engaging  the viewer's attention in what they are seeing. 
After many years as  a pen and ink calligrapher, I am enjoying  the medium of clay on which to write my letters. It adds a dimensional quality to the piece. Using low fire glazes insure that bright, almost poster like quality I am seeking. It's an all new direction. What do you think?         

Friday, August 16, 2013

More "Horses of Courses"

Since I went to the racetrack in my last blog, I thought it would be fun to share my vision of one way  I like to portray my four legged friends in clay. This platter is titled " Horses of Courses". It measures  about ten inches high, by fourteen wide, and is both decorative and also  food safe and functional . 
I love using  brighter colors and having the ability to paint in more detail. I use low fire glazes on most of my masks and folk art pieces, and then fire the kiln to a lower temperature. It takes a long time to paint in the spots on the pinto, and make their  manes and tails fly in the wind as they gallop along to who knows where  off into the wild  blue yonder! 
I think what I like best is the sense that I am using my clay as a canvas, something I have written before. I like the feeling that I am painting an abstraction of my equine friends.Recognizable in form, yet somewhat mysterious.I want my viewer to see their own story when they look at my work. What do you see in this ceramic image?

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Day at the Races

Here I am at the the Del Mar Racetrack, checking out the ponies before the next race begins. 
It is a warm summer day near the ocean in California. I needed a break from our hot Arizona summers. How nice to be near the ocean in such a lovely location, participating in one of the oldest sports there are. Horses are so sleek and beautiful.This is about as close as I  could get to them before the race.You can almost feel  a certain tension in the air.There is money riding on these beauties. The excitement is almost palpable.
I attended with my friend who had never been to a race. Being a former California girl myself , I had gone  to Del Mar, way back when. We about broke even. 
So I always like to bring my art into my blog. Included in my "critter series" is a ceramic platter with horses running, and a bowl, and even a horse box with a mane. I do love the equine silhouette. What a fun day to refresh my appreciation and inspire my next creation.