Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Another View of Horses

I did a new Horse platter in my last firing. Measuring about ten inches by twelve inches, I usually display them on the wall, but it sits on the table as well.
I use low fire glazes to get these bright colors, so it is not quite as strong as my other, high fired dishes. While you probably don't want to
 to put this in the oven,  it is food safe as well as highly decorative.  Wouldn't it be fun to have your appetizers served on  galloping equine? O.K. a bit of fantasy there.
I have ridden here in Sedona, and other parts of Arizona, although not lately . So I like the horse, as an animal and an artistic study. Choosing the bright turquoise blue as the background color sets off the black and the  pinto, with its two toned coat. It is a lot of extra work to make these tiny color variations, but it always makes me smile, so why not? 
Doing a little research, I found out the horse is a member of the genus Equus. Did you know they existed in North America over 3 million years ago? Then they became extinct, and we had to wait for the Spaniards, such as Cortes, to leave a few behind in the 1500s.Today there are over nine million horses in America. As well as my two....