Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I love butterflies. Here I am at the butterfly farm on the  faraway island of St Martin, in the Caribbean. It took a while, but I finally got this trip for my Birthday present. 
 I had to sit very still until one decided I might be a nice place to light. I have noticed with most creatures, if you are still, they may seek you out from curiosity.
I guess that my be my lesson in "life imitating art". When you are still, ideas often come. I was recently  looking at a series of ceramic wall pieces I have had for a while. They are unfinished.The more I stared, the more ideas came to me. I had to go to my boxes of goodies and see which colors and decorations would capture the vision .  No, I haven't done them yet, but it will become clearer as I start to work. Much like the butterfly which undergoes its metamorphoses.
 After mating the female butterfly lays her eggs on the host plant. When it hatches, the caterpiller eats that plant. Shedding its skin often, it suspends itself by silken threads and sheds one final time to reveal the chrysalis, from which eventually, a new butterfly will emerge.
 So it seems with art. It often has to go through phases of creative hatching. Finally it will emerge, like the butterfly. There are over 17,000 species spreading their unique beauty throughout the world. Like artists.