Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Color Green

Well today it's all about the color green. The color of trees; emeralds; the leaf on your flower ;mint; jade; asparagus and avocados. It is the color of the bottle of Perrier that sits in front of me here at my desk while writing this blog. And , of course, it is also the color you get when you mix your blue and yellow watercolors in your palette.
But this blog contains a photo of a recent book I made that is in my current show entitled Rock, Paper, Fire, in Jerome , AZ . It is part of my series of hand made books and the boxes that hold them. This is called book arts. Not only is there a green book,with my handmade porcelain beads, but it lives in the cigar box covered in gossamer green tissue paper and other decorations. I wanted it to return to a nice home .

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