Sunday, April 8, 2012

What do You Really Want?

I just got something in the mail that talked about the importance of going for what you Really want. But here is the big question. Do we know what it is that we really want?
I have found the universe will listen if you are very clear on your manifestation, but don't be vague, or that is what you get. Case in point. My art career in a certain gallery I belong to has a drawing every 6 months for a new location. That is important, where you are when the customer walks in. So I said to the universe, give me a number between one and three for my new spot. I drew a 13. Not a low number. I wasn't specific in my request, to myself, to the universe. It is necessary to give a hierarchy to our wants, not on the small stuff.
How much of what we go after are old desires from childhood or society's conditioning? ...The knight in shining armor who will sweep us off our feet so we will live happily ever after; the career for which everyone envies you, but you are miserable; the time we spend with people who make us feel worse, not better? Sound familiar?
Easier to write about than to do, for sure. But I call it my fantasy, others call it their dream. I decided a long time ago I wanted to be a professional artist, and Clay and Calligraphy are what I love, so there were my fantasies to act upon. Difficult, oh yes. Obstacles, to be sure, but I had my direction. However, I think it must an on going process. We evolve; our needs change; our dreams change.
Any thoughts you want to share on this subject?

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  1. well 13 is between 1 & 3: 1 +3 = 13. sounds like u
    got it as requested.