Saturday, March 27, 2021

Here I am in Boynton Canyon with family. Recently,  my older brother, niece and family said they were coming to Phoenix for a short visit and wanted to see me. I asked them " Have you ever been to Sedona? People come from all over the world to visit here" . She admitted they had not, so in the midst of flakey winter weather they came to see my home town. We had a ray of sun from the west that day.
We did all the usual tourist things. Lunch at a lovely Sedona restaurant with views; touring uptown and driving by  my former home, and  then we headed out to Boynton Canyon. This is where I go to raise my spirits in the midst of this Covid  lockdown. There is always a path to follow, and a vista to survey . After thirty six years I am never bored by what I see living here. Where does the time go? 
I also realize how wonderful to stay connected with people you have known since birth. The stories and secrets you share. The tall guy on the right is my Great nephew. He'd grown since last  I'd seen him and i have shrunk an inch. Nature has a way. This to me was a special day and will stay in my mind as a lovely creation.