Saturday, September 28, 2013

Small Turquoise Bowl in Hand

   What is it about something small that makes it so appealing? Here is a very petite bowl I recently made that someone took away with them from the gallery.
I often ask people to hold my bowls in their hands. There is something so intimate about holding a handmade piece in the palm of your hand . Certainly I want them to feel the weight of the piece. I want to make my ceramics look substantial, but feel as light as a feather. As I often say, I am against weaponry in ceramics. I am joking....kind of. The balance is an important element to me as  well.
Perhaps that is the magic of the small items. They can tuck into the palm of our hand; the corner of a shelf; or hold the smallest amount of something within. Everything is perfect, only the scale is less. Perhaps in today's world we can justify just a " little something " to take away with us as we travel through an ever crowded world .

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Turquoise Decoration

I just completed another firing of my turquoise ceramics. This bowl came out of the kiln, and seemed to have a magic all of its own. There is a pattern where the glaze was a bit thicker.Seems like the ocean to me. It is rather large in diameter,measuring  about fourteen inches across by approximately three inches in height.This is food safe,but also can make a statement just as it stands, or should I say, sits.
 I like to embellish the edge of my bowls with additional small coils of the porcelain clay.I think this adds something to catch the eye, and make you realize this is a handmade piece. Another definition of decoration is ornamentation. I felt adding  some actual turquoise stones would give it another texture. Stones on the outside reflecting the color of a semi precious jewel  on the the inside. Now there's turquoise decoration!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Turquoise Vase

I  heard from the gallery that this turquoise colored vase was just  sold. It stands about a foot tall, and is adorned with genuine Arizona turquoise stones. How nice that someone wants to own my vision of this handmade vessel. It has a  clear white interior, which is actually the porcelain clay covered by a high fired clear glaze. Thus it  can hold water. Oblong in shape, it feels modern to me, almost architectural in form. The vertical strips of clay on the front draw the eye up and down. The turquoise pieces add some fun to it!

Perhaps it was appreciated mainly for its style and color, and will be used for decorative purposes. I like to think of it  holding a  colorful bouquet of flowers. As I came down Oak Creek canyon tonight, I saw the bright yellow blossoms of summer's last wild flowers blooming. What a nice vision - colorful blossoms emerging from my vase.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Peccary in the Red Rocks

Last night I was awakened by the sound of hard rain coming down. I also heard the sound of hoof beats on the deck. It was a herd of javalina, technically a collard peccary, that hog like creature that wandered from South America to the cliffs of Sedona. 
They were looking for a place to get out of the rain. I asked them to leave, rather emphatically, and they lumbered off.Then they returned, using the stairs again, no less. I clapped my hands, made noise, turned on the porch lights and finally they departed, again.I saw the silhouette of a very small young one. 
This was not my first sighting, having lived here so many years. I remember how funky they smell close up. I have observed how pointed are the tusks on the dominant male. He has to protect his whole harem of females and young. 
However it was a very dark and stormy night, with the rain coming down in torrents. Awakened as I was from dreamland, this was not my idea of fun. 
We can almost forget for a moment, living in our civilized town, just how close to the wilderness we really are. But in the night, all creatures great and small emerge.It is their land, but we do share it.
Perhaps I will be  drawing  a peccary on an art creation in my future!