Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Sedona Visual Artists' Show

Here I am with my entries for the Sedona Visual Artists'  Show, at the Sedona Arts Center located 
here in town. Actually this  is the first Live show for the group in the last two years due to Covid. It was fun to be among  a group of talented artists with the freedom to show what work they've been doing for the past two years.                                                                          For myself, the first year and a half  of the outbreak really stopped me creating anything. The galleries were closed. Everyone was stuck at home; living in sweats; watching netflix ; eating inappropriate food. What was the point in going to the studio to spend time on something no one would ever see? I think you could call it artistic depression. Others have  experienced this . Did You?
  But jewelry is  small, and since I have other stones, that was a way to see some beauty in a more doable  time frame . Clay can take months to create; fire; clean up; then clean some more. A call from a client got me back to making the big bowl. Ah hah, work awaits. So here I am with my lovely earth brown, porcelain beaded  necklace, with the nice, chunky turquoise stones and the  bracelet and earrings to complete the set.  I hold the biggest bowl I can fit in my kiln. So this started out as a blog about a show and talked about the changes in all our lives up to this moment. Comments?