Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Art of the Large

Here is the latest and greatest of my turquoise bowl series. It measures eleven inches across and @ six inches high. It is Large. Actually, it is as big  as can fit into my kiln and still have enough space around it to high fire. High fire is 2300F. Most ceramic artists use a gas kiln to go that temperature, but living in Sedona, AZ. as I do, I now fire in an electric kiln.
 This is the second firing where I add the final colors, using the white porcelain clay that I like. It starts out larger than this by at least fifteen percent and as the moisture dissipates in the initial bisque firing, the clay body shrinks. Then it does its real disappearing act when you go to the high temperature, and it has a mind of its own as well. There is always uncertainty depending upon so may unscientific factors. This makes the clay strong enough to use and even put in the oven. However, this  is Not Pyrex; you must go slowly. 
 I add texture when I am first making the bowl and then I decorate the indentations with iron oxide, that great color that we see here in our red rocks. So copper and iron, a very southwest combination. Comments?