Saturday, March 24, 2012

Art is a Dance

Well, I keep coming back to tango because that is the dance I am focusing on at present.. Here I am , with Joe at our last practica. We are training to take our dance to the next level.
Why do we go to the studio each day? Aren't we just working on our skills, be they motor or intuitive, so that what we produce is better than the last piece? A long time ago, someone told me that by selling our work, we are really just being paid to practice. That stayed with me... I would do it anyway, but it is a push to have to replace something in the gallery.Necessity, I believe, is a great incentive to creativity.
In that way, I like to think that every time I work on something creative, I am really dancing, with the clay; the letters; the watercolor; the brushes in my hand. I am able to
try the strokes in a different sequence, hold the tool, or my body, in a different posture. It's all a dance.
So , are there any of you artists, or creative people that would care to tell me about their artistic dance ?

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