Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pruning to Make Things Grow

Well, here I am in my pruning gear. You know it is interesting that we have to take away in order to give space to grow.In trees they need sunlight and space. How does that apply to art? Well you can start in the studio. If it's too crowded you can't find anything and then your time is spent hunting, not creating. And one of the most difficult decisions on your piece is when to stop. You put on the last adornment, then another. No wait, it's too much. Time to take away, so that what you have started can have room to stand out and shine. Complicated. I think I will have to comtinue this later. I must go to a meeting. Now there's a whole other blog.

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  1. doubt... when not present there is doubt, fear, insecurity. being with flow of the creative moment may be joy or ...; if present, there is no associated word, no concept; the emptiness of the moment without label.