Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Art of Staying in the Present

Staying in the present. Wow, that's a hard one for me. Yet it is what counts the most, because only then can we stay authentic. I wonder if all that time working alone in the studio
sends me to my head too much? But I do realize when I am totally involved in what I am creating, then I do concentrate on just what is in front of me.
This was a totally new creation entitles "Echos of Time" that I created just for my show. It was so different a concept that I had to just keep working on its evolution , without a clear definition of where it would end. Each embellishment led to the next step, so I was always absorbed.
I looked up the word focus in the dictionary. The definition I like is " the place where a visual image is clearly formed. " So, at that very moment we are deciding how to begin, or actually making the mark on the paper, or rolling out the clay,or adding decoration, we are in the present.
When I am in nature I find it easier to be in the now. I guess maybe beauty has that affect on our brain and heart. When I travel, I am so absorbed I can't be anywhere else. Now the question of course, how do we figure out how to take this application to every moment of the journey called life ? I am open to hearing how you practice" the art of staying in the present"

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