Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Tango is like Art

I just got back from my first Tango Festival in Tucson. It got me thinking about how Argentine tango is connected to creating any art form. First you must pay attention to your body, your form , your axis, as you go out onto the dance floor. In art we start with the idea or what we want to create , and then the media we are going to use. Is it pen, paper, watercolor, or clay that best expresses our design. For me , it works best when I see the creation in my mind, then all the rest seems to follow. In fact my idea of success is wheher I can translate my idea as well, or better than my visualization. Then there is the tension. Tango is about the male and female; the smooth and abrupt; the moves and counter moves. When you look at a piece of art you are drawn in by that tension, however subtle. Well, time to get to the studio and try out some of these ideas.

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  1. Life is art. Tango is art. Blogging is art. Dance through your life and blog art. Congratulations on starting this new venture!