Friday, March 23, 2012

How choosing Food is like Creating Art

Tonight I had to stop at the grocery store after a long day's work.. There I was looking at the red of the strawberries; the texture of the lettuce; the sweet smell of the roses I just had to buy. When I was at my friend's house I drew a card from her feng shui deck, and it said bring fresh flowers into your living space. No hardship there, I love to be surrounded by live flowers.
So , I guess the analogy is how everything connected to our senses is how we go about the creative process in art. We get our idea ( I need some food in my fridge.... or I need a new piece for this upcoming show).....What colors do I want in my palette? What feeling do I want this piece to evoke. Finally , the completion. The meal is complete!
Well those are my musings for today. Just keep those antenna up as you maneuver through life, and the studio. Off to the zen of my bath, with the yellow -orange roses next to me.


  1. I always end up bringing home too much produce thinking "What great models, these little gems."

    Great blog, Victoria! Keep it rolling!

    1. Appreciate the comments. oh well, what great compost!

  2. P.S. Roses make life wonderful.


  3. yellow orange roses-- wow !
    are the accompanying odors in multi-color too ? is it possible to distinguish multi-colored odors ?

    om aloha, anton