Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Speak the Truth"

Lettering on clay, I love it! Here is my latest porcelain plaque entitled "Speak the Truth", spoken by a well known Native American,we know as Chief Joseph. 
I write using a  small, natural bristle brush.That seems to have some flexibility on this surface.The white of the clay shows off the blue of the cobalt oxide.Covered in a clear glaze, fired to a high temperature, it can last forever.I even make the bead that decorates the hanger. This is definitely  an original! 
Chief Joseph was the leader of the  Nez Perce tribe. Despite a treaty with Washington,his tribe was force to leave their beloved lands in northeastern Oregon. I admire his writings. I have used his words in my more traditional calligraphy pieces. 
This quote seems so relevant to me.
How often have you noticed how people go on and on when they are avoiding the truth?  Perhaps they assume  you will forget the question as you drown in verbiage?
Lesson to self. Less is more.


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