Friday, August 16, 2013

More "Horses of Courses"

Since I went to the racetrack in my last blog, I thought it would be fun to share my vision of one way  I like to portray my four legged friends in clay. This platter is titled " Horses of Courses". It measures  about ten inches high, by fourteen wide, and is both decorative and also  food safe and functional . 
I love using  brighter colors and having the ability to paint in more detail. I use low fire glazes on most of my masks and folk art pieces, and then fire the kiln to a lower temperature. It takes a long time to paint in the spots on the pinto, and make their  manes and tails fly in the wind as they gallop along to who knows where  off into the wild  blue yonder! 
I think what I like best is the sense that I am using my clay as a canvas, something I have written before. I like the feeling that I am painting an abstraction of my equine friends.Recognizable in form, yet somewhat mysterious.I want my viewer to see their own story when they look at my work. What do you see in this ceramic image?

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