Friday, August 2, 2013

A Day at the Races

Here I am at the the Del Mar Racetrack, checking out the ponies before the next race begins. 
It is a warm summer day near the ocean in California. I needed a break from our hot Arizona summers. How nice to be near the ocean in such a lovely location, participating in one of the oldest sports there are. Horses are so sleek and beautiful.This is about as close as I  could get to them before the race.You can almost feel  a certain tension in the air.There is money riding on these beauties. The excitement is almost palpable.
I attended with my friend who had never been to a race. Being a former California girl myself , I had gone  to Del Mar, way back when. We about broke even. 
So I always like to bring my art into my blog. Included in my "critter series" is a ceramic platter with horses running, and a bowl, and even a horse box with a mane. I do love the equine silhouette. What a fun day to refresh my appreciation and inspire my next creation. 

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