Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Art of Film

I have been away from my blog for over a week, a long hiatus for me. But there is a reason. Here I am at my hometown Sedona film festival, going to movies all day long, from dawn until late night. All right , so  my eyes eventually start glazing over. My derriere is spreading, both from constant sitting and indulging in those delicious chocolate bars which are an integral part of being at  the cinema. However, I really like the immersion philosophy. The definition of immerse is "to deeply involve or to as to cover completely."  I would say I was awash in the magic of film this week.
There were some really thought provoking topics and social issues brought up in these flics. How can a  documentary about global warming, social protest,or discrimination not seem to be a bit serious by its very nature? But as I absorb the content, I am looking at how it was presented, how well constructed, and simply how enchanted I became with the finished product. 
 That seems true in all  creative processes, be it clay or  calligraphy,which are my tools of expression, to any other medium. During the creative process, an artist  cannot help but be totally awash in the  creative function. Our  payback comes in the appreciation that it brings to the viewer, and ourselves. It seems to me that all the arts are inter related,  just using different formats.This was my week of fun, enjoying  the art of film.


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