Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Bowl

The snow is falling.The color of this winter day is white. It covers the pathways around my studio. It weighs down the branches of the trees and the rose buds peeking out from their stems. It reminds me of this recent bowl I created in the picture below.
It is rather large, measuring twelve inches across and three deep.On the corners are the petals of white flowers. The outside is the brown stain from an oxide, like a stem. I like the color white.It shows off what is in a bowl so definitively. A red apple stands out so clearly. A green salad is a visual delight. 
What  I am actually doing is using  a clear glaze over  the porcelain clay body. What you see is the color below. Like many things I guess. We see a reflection and assume that is the truth. It can be in art; relationships; many facets of our lives. Sometimes it is more than we expect. Occasionally  it is less.This bowl pleases me. So that is my final criteria.
The snow outside is just another  reflection.


  1. The white bowl is beautiful, but it is your "visual delight" that remains in my mind. Thanks