Friday, March 8, 2013

The International Arts

I guess I am not quite ready to leave the world of film I was so engrossed in. Here I am with the dancers from China. Can you imagine? These woman came from half way around the world to perform in our small town for their movie. The world of film, or any art, is quite international. When I go to my dictionary to define that word,it reads " of or pertaining to the relations between nations". The old expression " art transcends all boundaries" seems to be a true one.  
People come to Sedona from all over the world. This week it was to attend the magical world of films.Others want to visit a gallery and take home with them a bit of the magic  of the southwest. It feels  so nice to me when it is something that  I have created. I like to think about a ceramic piece sitting on a shelf, or hanging on the wall,in a country far away.
 Will people pick it up and say to themselves, I wonder who this artist is and what other creations they make? How did they do it? Or perhaps they just look up and smile because it gives them  pleasure, and reminds them where they bought it.
Anyone out there want to share their feeling about this?

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