Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Birdhouse for Springtime

 It is springtime.The  earth is waking up.The birds are singing.  It is a time of rebirth, of looking to nest and create. Tomorrow is Easter.
This is a picture of my ceramic birdhouse which I actually created for a show with just that theme. It is rather large, standing eleven inches high and about eight inches wide and deep. I made it from clay slabs joined together. Always a risk of bending or cracking with this size. I added a nice stick to use as a focal point and an entrance. I chose  a  metallic glaze for the roof and a celadon, or light green,for the  walls. It is actually a low fired piece. I achieved the crackle from my second and final outdoor primitive firing. I wanted a certain earthiness.  I wished to bring the outdoors inside.  
The fence outside is my western touch, and also to amuse. I like to have a piece of whimsy in my folk art. I even created a ceramic bird that likes to hang out nearby. This house has never been outside a showroom. I can't tell if it is a functional item for some creature, or simply  a creative birdhouse. I guess that would be the choice of the buyer, and their possible feathered friends !  

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  1. very nicely done: the photography is artful as well, a counterpoint to the spring theme that caused me to ponder...