Monday, March 25, 2013

The Beauty of Tango

Well I do not seem to be able to quite leave the beautiful world of tango just yet. Here is a shot taken by Greg while I was on the dance floor.You can see that I am in what is called the "close embrace" with my partner.This is always used in the milonga  style of dance, but also in other melodies. The man will choose his style of  holding you as the music starts. Sometimes the hold is too much, not very comfortable, and we try to sort of back off. My observation is that while your body is in dance posture, the nicest leaders give you room to move and be creative also. 
I guess the real beauty of this dance is when two people are moving in total harmony, as if they are one.Since you are often with a complete stranger, you must be centered in your own self, while at the same time following the steps and moves of your leader This appears to be  true in any form of partnership, whether on the dance floor, in our romance, or just going through life. I think we like to be around people who make it easy for us, and bring out the best in us. I know I do.

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  1. I love the picture and continued parallel of what u say of tango and relationships.
    Don't hold me too tightly, enough so we can be in harmony and sense we are in this together, but w enough space to breathe and be creative