Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two Ravens

 It is a beautiful day with blue skies  and birds flying over head. Not just any birds, but specifically the Corvus Corax, which we know as the Common Raven.This platter I created is called " Two Ravens". It is ten by fourteen inches in size. A nice size platter.  There is a crackle in the blue glaze caused by the primitive, low fire technique I like to  use when creating
my" Critter folk art". It is  a  functional plate, but quite decorative as well. I am  drawn to the magic of this handsome and intelligent bird.
 Many of the Native peoples in the northwest carve them onto  on their totem poles, out of respect. I  saw a lot of that when I was travelling in Alaska. They normally travel in pairs, or small groups.We are familiar with their deep croaking call, although that is not the only sound they make. They are often seen here in northern Arizona. 
 Once, years ago, I looked out my window and saw Ravens flying together over Cathedral Rock. More and more of them kept appearing, until I counted fifty of them swirling and soaring in the winds.I cannot explain this nor have I ever seen it since, but it was an awesome sight. Perhaps Raven is a special bird for me. Certainly I like to make them appear on my ceramic art.  

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