Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"The Joy that You Give to Others"...

This  is a  quote I found from an American poet of long ago, John Greenleaf Whittier,1809-1892. I chose to make it into a card for the holiday season. It is actually a smaller version of  a rather large calligraphy on original tie dye fabric that  I did for a show. I had never really done much tie dye, but I wanted to create a colorful background for a this piece, and so I just "did it" !  There is always an element of surprise at how these colors actually turn out. Hint to viewer, directions are not always a reliable source . I like to add the element of surprise, even to myself, it appears. I then wrote out the words in ink on a heavy paper. I cut slits into the fabric to hold them in place. I like the juxtaposition of the irregular color spaces to the linear white lines of poetry.                                                  To give joy, or help, to others,is a lovely thought. I feel I am  building up my reserve of the positive. Vibrations, karma, the golden rule,whatever we choose to call it.  It doesn't always come back right at that moment, but I like to think of all this good energy floating around me. I feel good that I have made someone smile. It can be the littlest thing. We have no idea the affect our words and actions can have on another. I  do know there have been many challenging times when I was very grateful for the " kindness of strangers.' So that is what this quote brings up for me.Your thoughts?

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