Monday, December 31, 2012

Planes and Angles in Chicago

I just returned from a trip to Chicago. I was staying in a lovely part of the city near the University of Chicago. I  could walk to the campus, where my Dad graduated from law school back in the thirties.That was a bit of nostalgia for me. 
In the midst  of all the Victorian houses, Gothic churches, and gingerbread buildings was an American icon. Here I am standing in front of the Robie house, designed by Frank LLoyd Wright, and finished around 1910. I was surprised at what an early example of his architecture it was. The planes and angles of his "prairie style" creations resonate with me. It contains 3,000 square feet, but does not seem massive or out of proportion. The inside has these same lines in the stain glass windows, fireplaces, and built in furniture which he liked to include in his buildings.
 It was so radical for its time, yet still fits perfectly into today's desire for clean lines and harmony with our surroundings. I really enjoyed this visit to the past, Mr. Wright's as well as my own.

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