Saturday, December 8, 2012


 I have been writing about my handmade books lately. Yet I just returned from a trip back east to a family wedding, and that really made me think about family. In this photo is a picture of me in the center of the newlyweds.The bride is my first cousin, and there was such happiness at this gathering of relatives from far and away. 
 As usual, I like to check out what the dictionary uses as a definition of family. One of them says " A group of persons connected by blood, name, etc.; a house; line; or clan." We are definitely all of the above. I even got to meet the 2nd generation of cousins in their thirties. That was really fun and they are all following interesting life paths.
 Since this blog is mainly focused on art, it got me thinking about how it relates. When you think of an artist's particular body of work, it is usually based on more than one piece in a recognizable style. In essence, this is their family of artwork. Often we get quite attached to these family members.There are always variables, some recessive genes, but overall you can often identify their style. So the next time you are in a gallery, remember you are looking at the other family of the artist!

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