Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poetry in Motion

Well, I am  sad that I have not been able to post my blog for a week, due to technical difficulties. This machine age is great, as long as it works! Here is my calligraphy card that seems to apply to how time sneaks every day, entitled "Ten Years Ago." The first lines reads,  "Where did it go, that ten years ago?" 
A decade earlier the world did not seem to be so totally run by the computer and  all the machinery that seems to get a glitch in it at the most inconvenient times. Perhaps the foundation was set up, but I know I did not have to have an entire space in my house for these critical toys. 
How much of each day do I now spend reading  email ? How many minutes waiting on hold for the tech support in a country where their English is really hard to understand , even if they are very nice people? It feels like much of my time is spent just trying to get these time saving devices working. OK I am venting, thank you for listening.
 I know we can't go back to the days where everyone wrote a nice copperplate hand to communicate. Still,  the calligrapher in me would love it. The last stanza in my poem reads, "Amazement at life's passage, No regrets, well maybe some,  But that ultimate question, How much yet to come?" I cannot  foresee that one, but I think I would not like to spend it on hold. 

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  1. I'm hesitant to add a pitch for yet another tech gadget, but in this case...a good headset like my Jabra makes being on hold an opportunity to complete mindless activities! I'm just saying....one less regret for time wasted.